World Journal of Pathology Volume No 7

Review Open Access

Surgical Management of Appendicular Carcinoids

William Zuccon, Luca Del Re, Angelo Iamele, Roberto Paternollo, Andrea Cordovana and Claudio Lunghi
World Journal of Pathology 2013, 2:2



The carcinoid of the appendix, or well differentiated neuroendocrine tumor, is often asymptomatic and the diagnosis is usually ‘accidental’ after a surgical procedure. Multidisciplinary approach is essential for accurate management included analysis primary tumor size, staging, treatment plan and follows up.

Case report

The authors reported 2 cases of appendicular carcinoid on 320 consecutive appendicectomy in the last two years and described clinical features and therapeutic approach for this art of tumors. Appendicectomy in little tumors (< 1 cm) is a gold standard for the treatment and the radical resection is often healing, if the tumor size is mean (between 1 and 2 cm) the resection (appendicectomy vs hemicolectomy) is subject to the valuation of individual case, while the right hemicolectomy is considered according to tumor size (> 2 cm), incomplete tumor resection and/or histological features (medium and high grade, mixed histological).


The size of the tumor is a standard that influences both surgical strategy, both prognosis.The carcinoid of the appendix presents favorable prognosis as regards carcinoid tumors of the gastro enteric tract.

Key words

Appendicular carcinoid well differentiated neuroendocrine tumor, appendicectomy.

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