World Journal of Pathology Volume No 6

Case Report Open Access

Soft Tissue Metastasis in Carcinoma Breast: A Case Report

Seema Khanna, Shashi Prakash Mishra, Satendra Kumar Tiwary and Sanjeev Kumar Gupta
World Journal of Pathology 2013, 2:4



Cancers metastasizing to soft tissue are rare. We here present a case of metastasis from a breast cancer to the soft tissue in back.

Case Report

A 45 years female who was a follow up case previously completed treatment for carcinoma left breast, presented with hard fixed soft tissue mass in lower part of back on right side. FNAC of soft tissue mass showed metastasis from a poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. Thorough systemic search for the primary tumor was done. CT scan of abdomen revealed contracted gall bladder with stone, gall bladder wall was irregular and thickened with maintained planes all around. Few subcentric periportal lymph nodes present. Open cholecystectomy with wide local excision of the soft tissue mass on the back was done. Post operative histopathology revealed Xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis and deposits from an adenocarcinoma in soft tissue mass.


Plaza JA et al (2008) had a series of 118 patients having metastasis to the soft tissue and out of those only 13 cases corresponds to metastasis from breast cancer and 3 of those were having metastasis to the back. However, we have not found any other report of soft tissue mass over back as a metastasis from breast cancer. We strongly suggest histological verification and systemic evaluation, whenever soft tissue masses are located elsewhere even after a curative breast cancer operation.


Soft tissue metastasis from carcinoma breast though uncommon but can present, when it can be confused with a separate soft tissue tumor.

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