World Journal of Pathology Volume No 6

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Age as a Predictive Tool of Aortic Valve Dimensions-An Autopsy Based Observational Study

Padmini Noone and Shirley Vasu
World Journal of Pathology 2015, 4:3



Diseases of the aortic valve cause considerable morbidity and mortality. Modern cardiothoracic surgery procedures including valve replacement procedures give tremendous relief to the suffering. In certain transcutaneous procedures used in aortic stenosis, unlike in open heart surgery, there is no way of direct valve sizing. A non-invasive method of estimating valve size would be helpful. The aims of the study were to estimate the average aortic valve dimensions for each age group for male and female and also to compare the valve dimensions with the external and internal parameters of the body and heart.

Study Design

It was a prospective observational type of study. Data collected from consecutive cases over a period of one year was analysed. 585 cases with age ranging from 13 days to 90 years were examined. Mean age was 42.26 years

Material and Methods

Aortic valves from hearts dissected at autopsy were formalin fixed. Measurement of aortic valve circumference was taken at the supra aortic ridge (commissure) level. The valve diameter, circularised orifice area, effective indexed orifice area were calculated from it. The correlations of aortic valve dimensions with the external and internal parameters were assessed. Linear regression between aortic valve diameter and age was done.


The mean aortic valve diameter of adult was 2.1cm (S.D 0.296). The regression equation to derive aortic valve diameter from age in adults aged 21 years or above was 1.718 + 0.009 x age (in years).


From the above study we were able to conclude that the age and aortic valve measurements correlate positively in adults. The results can be of use to the anatomist, pathologist doing autopsy as well as the cardiothoracic surgeons.

Key words

Aortic valve, aortic stenosis, valve replacement, supra aortic ridge, age, valve measurement

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