World Journal of Surgical Research Volume No 7

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Primary Duodenal tuberculosis presenting as gastric-outlet obstruction - is pathological diagnosis is always possible

Eti Sthapak, Vijai Datta Upadhyaya, Basant Kumar and MoniakSen Sharma
World Journal of Surgical Research 2012, 1:3


Background: Gastrointestinal tuberculosis often involves the ileocecal region. The stomach as well as the duodenum are rare sites for tuberculosis and occur as a result of secondary spread from the pulmonary disease. Involvement of stomach and duodenum occurs as a seen in only 1% of cases of pulmonary tuberculosis especially in the patients associated with HIV infection.

Patients and Methods: This report describes two cases of abdominal tuberculosis in children

Results: The diagnosis in both the cases was made after the laparotomy and fine needle aspiration cytology, entric bypass was done in both the cases.

Conclusions: The diagnosis of duodenal tuberculosis is usually made after surgical intervention (exploratory laparotomy) and very rarely it is made preoperatively.

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