World Journal of Surgical Research Volume No 7

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Evaluation of S-100B Protein as Prognostic Marker in Head Injury Patients

Kulwant Singh, Sumit Sharma, Anshuman Trigunayat and Divye Prakash Tiwari
World Journal of Surgical Research 2013, 2:14



The aim of study is to estimate S-100B protein level as a serum marker of brain cell damage after traumatic brain injury and to predict the clinical outcome and course of patients.


Total twenty-six patients of head injury and ten healthy controls were included into study. All subjects were examined in detail and investigated by noncontrast-computed tomography. Head injury associated with other organ involvement was excluded from study. The venous blood was collected on day 0 (within 24 hours), day 3 and day 7. Their serum was stored at -70°C and S100 B were estimated using ELISA S-100B immunoassay kit.


Patients, who survived, showed initially high level of S-100 B, which progressively decreased on day 3 and 7 while patients expired, showed progressively increased levels of S-100 B level with clinical deterioration.


S-100 B represents the new generation of biochemical markers of head injury. There was a significant association between S-100 B protein level and outcome and course of head injured patients.

Key Words

S-100 B, Head injury, Traumatic brain injury, Prognosis

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