World Journal of Surgical Research Volume No 7

Case Report Open Access

Aspirated Ginger with Fungal Growth in Trachea of an Adult

Siddharth Lakhotia and Shashikant Patne
World Journal of Surgical Research 2014, 3:11


We report a caseof intact whole ginger being aspirated into the trachea of an adult man, aged 38 years who wasotherwise healthy. Review of literature did not show any such case of aspirated ginger withfungal growth into trachea. Patient presented with stridor and was treated for symptoms ofpneumonia earlier before being referred to us. After failure to remove by rigid bronchoscopy, ginger was removed by right tracheo-bronchotomy. Histopathological examination showedpresence of fungus with vegetable matter which was identified as ginger in gross examination.Vegetable foreign bodies in trachea of adults are not very common as compared to children, asadults properly chew and also presence of gag and cough reflex prevents it.


Trachea; Bronchoscopy; Foreign body; Pneumonia; Aspiration

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