World Journal of Surgical Research Volume No 8

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Benefits of Abdominoplasty Associated with the Repair of Abdominal Hernias

Pasquale Petronella, Adelmo Gubitosi, Fulvio Freda, Chiara Freda and Alessandro Esposito
World Journal of Surgical Research 2017, 6:3


Background and Aim

The aim of our work is to present the outcomes and complications that occurred to a group of 49 consecutive patients affected by a severe musculoaponeurotic laxity and or different abdominal wall defects, who underwent prosthetic wall defect repair and abdominoplasty. Severe laxity was the end result of repeated pregnancies in most of the female patients. A further aim of the work is also to demonstrate the metabolic and aesthetic advantages that occur with the association between prosthetic hernias repair and abdominoplasty.

Material and Methods

All patients underwent a standard abdominoplasty (wide bispinoiliac incision with resection of the redundant tissue) plus a longitudinal midline fascia plication and a prosthetic parietal defect repair. 15 patients were affected by different comorbidities (8.3% heart diseases; 2.1% COBP; 8.3% diabetes; 4.2% hepatic cirrhosis; 2.1% obliterant arteritis; 6.3% others).


The follow-up averaged 22.08 months. Two patients had a major complication (hemorrhage, infection), while 12 had minor ones (partial necrosis of the limb, seroma, suture dehiscence).


Hernias or recti abdominis diastasis repair, combined with abdominoplasty provides functional, metabolic and aesthetic benefits. This approach is safe owing to a low risk of complications and a low rate of recurrence. Moreover, it is particularly helpful in obese patients, improving the metabolic state outcomes. It is especially helpful in patients who have multiple hernias, and those patients with recurrent wall defects.

Key Words

abdominoplasty; abdominal hernias;

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