World Journal of Surgical Research Volume No 8

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Retraction: Role of Imaging in Female Infertility

1 Pushpa Ranjan 2Rajeev Ranjan

  • 1Department of Radiology, IGIMS, Patna, India.
  • 2Department of Surgery, NMCH, Sasaram, India

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It was brought to the attention of the Editor-in-Chief that large sections of the texts and images in the paper [1] are identical to previously published in Mount Sinai’s Radiological Charts available at, Troiano RN, and McCarthy SM [2], Pizzo A, et al., [3]and number of published articles [4, 5] internet sources including slideshare [6, 7] among others. radiological-imaging-of-female-infertility

We apologise to the readers of the journal that this plagiarism was not detected during the submission and review process. The Editor-in-Chief and the editorial board have decided to check all submitted manuscripts for plagiarism in future.


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