World Journal of Medical and Surgical Case Reports Volume No 7

Case Report Open Access

Collision tumor of the thyroid: follicular carcinoma plus papillary carcinoma plus adenomatous goiter

Kenichi Takano, Keisuke Kikuchi, Hiroshi Matsumiya and Tetsuo Himi
World Journal of Medical and Surgical Case Reports 2013, 2:5



The combination of three different types of collision tumors in a single thyroid gland is an unusual event. The term “collision tumor” represents the coexistence of two or more histologically distinct tumors in close proximity to each other.

Case report

We report the case of a 78-year-old female who presented with a cervical swelling. Histopathological findings revealed a true “collision tumor” with components of both follicular and papillary carcinomas.


Whether the etiology of neoplastic transformation istumorgenic stimuli or the collision phenomenon remains controversial.

Key words

Collision tumor, Thyroid carcinoma, Histopathology.

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