World Journal of Medical and Surgical Case Reports Volume No 7

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Neglected Antero- Inferior Dislocation of Hip Treated with Primary Reverse Hybrid THR- A Rare Case Report

Kiran Patil, Deepesh Daultani, Monish Bami and Mallikarjun Ithli
World Journal of Medical and Surgical Case Reports 2014, 3:1



Antero-inferior dislocation of hip is a rare disease with not much literature regarding the reporting and management modalities of this type of dislocation. We here present a case of neglected antero-inferior dislocation of hip.

Case report

We present a case of 25 year old male patient who presented with history of trauma 1 year back fixed flexion deformity of 40 degrees and abduction deformity of 20 degrees of the hip with apparent lengthening of affected limb. Patient did not take any medical treatment but has a history of massage and prolonged immobilization. Patient reported to us one year later with deformities of lower limb. Patient was walking with support of a stick and was unable to squat, sit cross legged and his activities of daily living hampered. X-ray and MRI confirmed antero-inferior dislocation of hip with indentation of femoral head and features suggestive of signs of avascular necrosis of femoral head. Weight bearing dome of acetabulum was flattened. Primary hybrid THR with cementless femoral component and cemented acetabular component was done.


The patient is walking independently with full range of motion at the hip at 1 year of follow up and able to perform all activities of daily living independently.


neglected, antero-inferior, hybrid THR, hip dislocation

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