World Journal of Medical and Surgical Case Reports Volume No 7

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Leiomyoma of Jejunum as a Cause of Intestinal Obstruction and Acute Abdomen: Case Report and Review of the English Literature

Ana Maria Minaya Bravo, Fernando Mendoza Moreno, Fernando Noguerales Fraguas, Jose Ignacio Busteros and Francisco Javier Granell Vicent
World Journal of Medical and Surgical Case Reports 2014, 3:13


Leiomyomas are uncommon tumors originated from either circular or longitudinal muscular layer, or muscularis mucosae. They occupy the fourth place of all small intestinal tumors, being the most common benign tumors of the small intestine. The jejunum is the most frequent location, followed by ileum and duodenum. They are the most frequent of all small intestinal tumors producing symptoms. Diagnosis is performed by CT, endoscopy or barium swallow. The behavior of these tumors is defined by the number of mitosis and clinical behavior. Leiomyomas must be treated with surgery. Wide resection is required in order to avoid recurrence. We report a case of leiomyoma which presented as intestinal obstruction, requiring urgent surgery. Leiomyoma is an extremely rare cause of intestinal obstruction and few cases have been described with this presentation in the English literature.

Key Words

Leiomyoma, intestine, obstruction, tumor.

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