World Journal of Medical and Surgical Case Reports Volume No 7

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Cecal Perforation Secondary to Appendicitis-But not at the Base of Appendix

Ravi Shankar J C, Narayan Hebsur, Hosmani Ramesh, K N Praveen and Kumar Abhishek
World Journal of Medical and Surgical Case Reports 2016, 5:1



Acuteappendicitis is the most common surgical emergency. It is associated with a variety of complications among which cecal perforation is a rare and technically difficult condition. Usually cecum perforates at the base of the appendix.

Case presentation

A 19 year old female came with complaints of fever and vomiting since 5 days; and pain abdomen since 1 day. On examination, she was toxic and had features of peritonitis. Radiological investigations confirmed the presence of peritonitis. On exploration, appendix was found inflamed and perforation was found at the posterior wall of cecum. Primary omental patch repair was performed. Histopathology report confirmed that the perforation was due to periappendicitis.


Cecal perforation, itself is a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge to all surgeons and is associated with a high mortality. Here we sensitise the medical fraternity to such a challenging case and the therapeutic options.


appendicitis, cecal perforation, acute abdomen, right hemicolectomy

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