World Journal of Pathology Volume No 6

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Isolated Intra Fourth Ventricular Neurocysticercosis

Divye Prakash Tiwari, Vivek Sharma, Deepak Patil and Amrita Ghosh
World Journal of Pathology 2013, 2:17



Neurocysticercosis is one of the most frequently observed central nervous system parasitic infection caused by the larvae of the pork tapeworm, Taenia solium. The fourth ventricle is the most frequent location  of intraventricular neurocysticercosis that carries a higher risk for CSF blockage and resulting in hydrocephalus. 


We report a series of  cases of 13 patients with symptomatic obstructive hydrocephalus due to cysticercus in the fourth ventricle presenting to us over a period of  7 years. 


The excision of fourth ventricular cysts typically requires a microsurgical approach via  suboccipital craniotomy.

Key Words

neurocysticercosis,  fourth ventricle, hydrocephalus, Neurosurgical procedure

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