World Journal of Pathology Volume No 6

Case Report Open Access

Tumorlets, an Incidental Finding in a dual Pulmonary Lesion; A Pathologist’s Curiosity.

Cicy Joseph, Lekshmi Padmanabhanan, V Letha, Renu Thambi, Sansho Ulahannan and Usha Poothiode
World Journal of Pathology 2014, 3:17


Tumorlets are collections of neuroendocrine cells seen in the lungs.They may be incidentally detected and are usually seen associated with chronic lung diseases like bronchiectasis,bronchial asthma and sequestration.It is important to identify tumorlets especially in patients with prior history of carcinoma breast,since theymimic metastatic disease.

Our patient was a 49 year lady who presented with cough and dyspnea of 6 months duration. Radiology revealed a large cavitatary lesion occupying the entire lower lobe of right lung. A lobectomy was done and gross examination revealed a large cavity with thickened wall, bronchioles were also thickened and reached up to the pleural surface. Histology confirmed the diagnosis of bronchiectasis with cavity formation. Adjacent lung showed granulomatous reaction but there was no caseation necrosis. One of the sections had a minute (1mm) focus showing a group of cells with neuroendocrine features. Further bits were taken and sections studied revealed a tumorlet of 4mm size. So a final diagnosis of bronchiectactic cavity with granulomatous reaction and tumorlet formation was made. We report this case because of its rarity.

Key words

bronchiectasis, granulomatous reaction, tumorlets

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