World Journal of Pathology Volume No 6

Case Report Open Access

Encysted variant of papillary carcinoma breast associated with DCIS – a rare case report

Nagarekha Kulkarni
World Journal of Pathology 2016, 5:1



Encysted variant of papillary carcinoma (EPC) is a rare malignancy accounting for 0.5% - 1% of all breast cancers. It is more frequent in elderly postmenopausal women. Patient presents with a lump in the breast, with or without bloody nipple discharge.

Case Presentation

A 60 yrs old female presented with lump in the breast. USG andFNAC findings was inconclusive. So, surgical excision of the cyst along with that surrounding tissue was removed. Histopathologically, a diagnosis of encysted papillary carcinoma of the breast associated with DCIS was made.


The residual palpable mass after a bloody aspirate at FNA is a strong indicator of carcinoma in cystic lesions of the breast.

Key Words

encysted, ductal carcinoma, invasive carcinoma

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