World Journal of Pathology Volume No 7

Research Open Access

EGFR Over-expression in Head and Neck Squamous Carcinoma & It's Correlation with Etiological Factors like Alcohol and Tobacco

Vineeta Srivastava Gaur, Mohan Kumar, Thakur Prasad Chaturvedi and Manoj Pandey
World Journal of Pathology 2016, 5:3



The present study was carried out to investigate the possible association of EGFR expression with personal habit as possible risk factors for development of HNSCC.

Study design

Immunohistochemical analysis was performed on the samples obtained from 103 patients with HNSCC, 25 patients with pre-cancerous condition and 116 healthy controls. The data was analyzed using parametric and non parametric tests. The categorical data was analyzed by chi square test. Correlation analysis was also performed.


In our study in carcinoma group, correlation coefficient for personal habit status of the patient with EGFR expression was -0.031 and p=0.755 which is not significant. The EGFR expression intensity is higher in cancer patients compared to the normal subjects. This difference is statistically significant (p=0.000).


EGFR expression was high in patients with oral cancer compared to premalignant and malignant diseases. However, our study does not show any association of risk of development of HNSCC due to the consumption of cancer causing products to personal habits of the subjects.

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