World Journal of Surgical Medical and Radiation Oncology Volume No 6

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Clinical Outcome of Vulvar Carcinoma: 10-Years’ Experience from A Tertiary Care Center of Pakistan

Azhar Rashid, Irfan Haider, Khalique Ur Rehman, Uzma Masood, Muhammad Adeel Ilyas, Kamran Saeed, Sadaf Usman, Asma Rashid, Syed Asad Abbas, Uzma Majeed, Arif Jamshed and Shahid Hameed
World Journal of Surgical Medical and Radiation Oncology 2014, 3:10



Retrospective analysis was aimed to analyze patient’s characteristics and outcome with vulvar carcinoma treated at our center.

Material and Methods

All patients with histopathological proven carcinoma vulva, treated at our hospital during the year 2002-2011, were retrieved and analyzed retrospectively. Clinical presentation, treatment given, survival and complications were recorded. Overall survival was determined with respect to stage of disease, histology, grade and lymph node status.


29 patients with histologically proven squamous cell carcinoma were eligible for this analysis. The median age was 58 years (range 32 to 75 years) and median follow up was 29 months (range, 9 to 131 months). The patients with squamous cell carcinoma had Grade-I in 16 cases, Grade-II in 9 and Grade-III in 4 patients. Five patients presented with FIGO stage I, 7 in stage II, 10 in stage III and 7 with stage IV-A. 12 patients underwent surgery (simple vulvectomy 2, radical vulvectomy and inguinal lymph node dissection 10. Ten patients received post-operative chemoradiation and 5 of them were received post-operative radiotherapy alone. 17 patients treated with definitive chemoradiation and 3 of them have received radiotherapy alone. All failures occurred during first 2 years after completion of treatment. The 5 years overall survival was 44.8% for all stages. Stage and nodal positivity were found to have significant impact on overall survival.


Overall survival is quite comparable to the reported series. Majority of patients presents in locally advanced stages so multidisciplinary approaches should be used to have better outcome.

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