World Journal of Surgical Medical and Radiation Oncology Volume No 6

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Matrix Metallopeptidase 9 (MMP-9) Expression in Oral Cancer Andand Adjacent Normal Tissue

Devendra Kumar Ravi, Mohan Kumar, Gajendra Singh, Shyam Bahadur Rai, Tanvi Chincholkar, Ajit Kumar Saxena and Manoj Pandey
World Journal of Surgical Medical and Radiation Oncology 2014, 3:17



Despite advances the oral cancer in India is continued to be diagnosed in late stages and have poor prognosis. The disease has preponderance for local recurrence and development of second primaries. To explain this theory of field cancerization has been proposed. In this study we looked at the expression of MMP-9 in tumor tissue and in the adjacent microscopically normal tissue, to explain higher failures in oral cancer after successful treatment.

Patients and Methods

MMP-9 expression was looked at by immunohistochemistry in 100 patients with oral cancer in the tumor and adjoining normal tissue. Data on stage of the disease, treatment and other demographic and pathological features was collected in presetproforma.


Frequent expression of MMP-9 was observed in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC), with 85% and 80% of tumor and adjacent tissue samples expressing the protein. The expression in patients with neck node metastasis was significantly higher compared to those with no nodal metastasis.


The results of the present study show that MMP-9 overexpression is a good indicator of aggressive nature of the disease and is associated with increased nodal metastasis.

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