World Journal of Surgical Research Volume No 7

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Giant Frontal Mucocele

Vivek Shrama, Divye Prakash Tiwari and Deepak Patil
World Journal of Surgical Research 2013, 2:11



Mucocele is a epithelium lined mucous containing sac that usually develops following blockage of ostium of paranasal sinuses.Giant frontal mucoceles are relatively rare and they may haveorbital, extra cranial and anterior cranial fossa extension

Material and methods

All cases of frontal mucoceles reported to neurosurgery in last 10 years were reviewed and only those having swelling at forehead were taken in our study. All such giant mucoceles were analysed in respect of size, bone involvement, age and symptoms.


We are presenting a series of 17 cases of giant frontal mucoceles admitted over a period of 10 years in our university hospital highlighting the clinical features, radiological findings of this uncommon condition.


The frontal mucocele is common but its gaint variant is relatively not usually seen in modern era. The diagnosis is easy. The investigation of choice is CT scan with 3-D reconstruction. Treatment strategy is exentration of mucous membrane followed by bone cement cranioplasty.


Giant frontal mucocele,Paranasal sinus mucocele,mucocel

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