World Journal of Surgical Research Volume No 7

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Cerebral Candiasis

Vivek Shrama, Divye Prakash Tiwari and Janak Raj
World Journal of Surgical Research 2013, 2:13



Cerebral candiasis is not commonly seen in live patients but it is observed in autopsy. It has more preponderance in immunocompromised patients either suffering from AIDS or on steroid therapy.It is very rare in healthy individual.There is strong suspicion of brain lesion as fungal if adjoining paranasal sinus is involved. Treatment includes decompressive surgery followed by Amphotericin.


All cases with proven diagnosis in last 20 years were taken into consideration. They were analysed in respect of age, sex, clinical feature, radiological feature, surgery and final outcome.


There were 10 histologically proven cases of Cerebral Candiasis with male predominance. The most commonly affected age group is 40 to 50 years. AIDS was present in 3 cases while three patients were immunocompromised. The Frontal lobe was involved in 90% as it was near to ethmoid sinus, which was initial site of affection. The seizure was manifesting symptom. Decompression was done 6 cases while diagnostic biopsy in 4 cases. Long term outcome was unsatisfactory because of underlying cause.

Key Words

Candiasis, cebebral candiasis, Fungal granuloma, AIDS

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