World Journal of Surgical Research Volume No 7

Case Report Open Access

Unilateral Primary Ovarian Leiomyoma With Degeneration Masquerading As Ovarian Malignancy

Shashikant C U Patne, Mohan Kumar, Shivanjali Raghuvanshi and Nisha Rani Agrawal
World Journal of Surgical Research 2013, 2:9


Primary ovarian leiomyoma is a very rare benign tumour that usually represents an incidental finding at surgery or autopsy. We report a case of 35-year-old hysterectomized lady presenting with a large cystic abdominal lump which was clinically diagnosed as a malignant ovarian mass but proved to be degenerated leiomyoma on histopathology. We briefly discuss rarity and pathogenesis of this case.


Leiomyoma, ovary, degeneration, smooth muscle, immunohistochemistry

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