World Journal of Surgical Research Volume No 7

Research Open Access

Ligational Aspects of the Mesogenic Schiff-base, N,N’-di-(4-hexadecyloxy)salicylidene diaminoethane with some Transition Metal Ions (Part-II)

kumari Sanyucta
World Journal of Surgical Research 2014, 3:4


A mesogenic Schiff-base, N,N’-di-(4-hexadecyloxy)salicylidenediaminoethane (H2L1) with smectic-C(SmC) and nematic(N) mesophases, was synthesized and its structure studied by elemental analyses and mass, NMR & IR spectra. The bi-dentate bonding of the Schiff-base in the mesogenic complex (LaIII), as implied on the basis of IR & NMR spectral data. As per the spectral studies of the complex, the Zwiterionic-species of the ligand, coordinates to the LnIII ion through two phenolateoxygens, rendering the overall geometry around Transition metl ion to distorted Square Anti-prism / Mono-capped Octahedron.


Mesogenic Schiff-base, Square Anti-prism and Mono-capped Octahedron, crystal structure, NMR & IR spectra

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