World Journal of Surgical Research Volume No 7

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Surgical ‘Hot Clinics’: What Do the Patients Think?

Veeranna Shatkar, Mohammad Imtiaz, Mehmood Wain and Thangadorai Amalesh
World Journal of Surgical Research 2015, 4:1



Surgical ‘hot clinics’ have been introduced recently in the UK and offer an alternate surgical care pathway with significant benefits to the NHS. The aim of this study was to explore the views of patients seen in surgical hot clinics.


All patients attending the surgical ‘hot clinic’ over a six-week period at a busy teaching Hospital in London, from Feb 2013 to March 2013 were included. The study was registered as an audit as it aimed to evaluate a new service. A questionnaire was specifically designed to explore patients’ experiences. No patient identifiable data was collected and patients were asked to complete the questionnaire after their consultation.


115 patients attended the surgical ‘hot clinic’ over the study period. 58% of the patients were attending the clinic for the first time and the rest were follow-ups. 86% of the patients saw a nurse within 30 min of arrival. 79% saw a doctor within 60 minutes of arrival in clinic. Majority of the patients felt the clinical area was clean (98%). Majority of the patients felt that they were provided privacy (99%), involved in the decision-making (91%) and adequate information was provided (91%). Doctors and nurses were rated high (85%). 95% of patient rated their experience as 8 or above (scale of 10). Majority would prefer to be seen in the ‘Hot Clinics’ (83%) and would recommend it to family and friends (87%).


Surgical ‘Hot Clinic’ is an effective alternative surgical pathway, which are well received by patients.

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